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Tot New Eatery in the Works

Downtown Southern Pines is getting a tater-ly new concept with Taglios: a quick service, European-inspired restaurant and grocery brought to you by Stephen Fore and Kristy Hansen of Dugan’s Pub. The name is Italian for “chopped or cut,” which refers in part to the restaurant’s salad and baked potato assembly line that will have 60+ toppings to choose from. 

Taglios will be located in a former bank at 600 SW Broad St. The concept will allow you to fully customize your starch or spinach, Chipotle-style, and even get your salad chopped. The kitchen will also have a small menu of sandwiches and soup, and there will be a pickup window for those who order online. The grocery portion is designed to have fresh grab-n-go items like chicken salad, pasta salad, pastries or juices.

“We feel that Taglios has a chance to fill a void that the area doesn’t have,” says Stephen. “This place is really for the working class, and for getting something healthy on the go. It’s hard to be constantly on the go and have healthy, fresh food.”

Kristy and Stephen say they’re looking forward to working with local farms to keep the concept of giving back in sight. Stephen also says, “we don’t believe in waste,” adding that they plan to work with food banks and Meals on Wheels for items they don’t immediately use in the kitchen.

In addition to indoor seating, you can also dine outside on the patio. The tentative plan is for Taglios to be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. but hours are subject to change. Taglios is expected to launch in August. Stay tuned, spec-taters.

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