Trip’s Teeter Tour

Trip’s Teeter Tour The (c)art of music can make any occasion better, even grocery shopping. Meet musician Trip Rogers, who promotes his music gigs at Harris Teeters with images around the [...]

Champion Eater James Webb Visits Whispering Pines

Can I Get a Menu? Like, the whole thing? Competitive eater James Webb (No. 1 in Australia, No. 5 in the U.S.) ate his way through Filly & Colts on a Wednesday night [...]

Plate Drives Attention

Plate Drives Attention Pinehurst resident John Spangler has been driving around with his custom “USOPEN24” license plate for about a decade. Why? He and his wife, Kathy, are avid [...]

Local Singer Tunes into Carolina Artist Showdown

You’re So Golden Meet Julia Golden, a local singer-songwriter who is competing in this month’s Carolina Artist Showdown, presented by the Carolina Country Music Awards. If listeners [...]

Drumming Up Meaning

You may recognize the voice or the face of Rob Dufrense, a musician who is part of a few bands that play locally. When we say a few, we mean we lost count at six. “It’s just such a rich music [...]

Local Pup Plays in the Puppy Bowl, Twice

A local pup that participated in Puppy Bowl VII in 2011 will be back on the big screen this year to help the annual fido football special celebrate its 20th year. Jackson Skewis will be inducted [...]

That’s What She Shed

She Sheds aren’t just for Cheryls on commercials. Meet the owner of the She Shed Collective, Kimberly Nock, who operates out of her very own she shed. Kim is passionate about crafting and [...]

Another Day, Another Dahlia

Another Day, Another Dahlia If you’ve seen dahlias on the tables of Sweet Basil and 195 American Fusion or in a bouquet from Hollyfield Design, they have likely come from the garden of Alex [...]

Local Beautician Takes Looks Worldwide

You’re Making Us Blush Local beautician Chelsea Regan has always loved making people feel confident. She’s been specializing in local airbrush makeup and styled hair since 2014, and [...]

Local Sculptor is Kiln It

He’s Kiln It Luke Huling’s clay-me to fame is ceramics and sculpture. A professor at Sandhills Community College, he teaches classes in 3D visuals, ceramics and sculpture. Luke [...]

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