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Kelly McAndrew, Tracy Harrison, and Nicola Squires are owners of High Octane, a former gas station on Sycamore street that the trio turned into a coffee shop. These friends-turned-business-partners each have full-time jobs and children, but their dream for fostering a stronger sense of community in Aberdeen keeps them going. That and, let’s be real, a lot of coffee.

“We each have our strengths and we focus on those things individually, but when things get crazy we lean on each other,” says Kelly, who served in the military for 20 years.

The shop serves every in-house coffee in a vintage mug with a shortbread almond cookie on the side. For the kids, there’s Italian soda.

“We hope that patrons of our shop will take the time to slow down and have a conversation,” says Nicola.
Visit them from 6:30-2 Monday through Friday, and 8-2 on Saturdays; or follow them on Instagram here.

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