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In 2009, Abigail Dowd packed up her duffle bag and grandfather’s guitar and left her hometown of Southern Pines for a new start in Florence, Italy.

“I always loved Italy,” Abigail said. “My grandmother was Italian and I knew I could get a job in Florence.” While there, she reconnected with her long-held love of singing.  

Two years later she started over again with a move to Maine, where she spent five years writing songs, playing acoustic guitar developing her musical style.

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After returning to Southern Pines, Dowd worked as the executive director of the Weymouth Center for two years. Now based in Greensboro, she works as a full-time musician and her boyfriend, Jason Duff, plays bass.

“I’ve started over a couple of times,” she said. “It becomes less scary every time. You become clearer on what is important to you, what you are willing to compromise and not compromise.”

Dowd released her debut album, “Don’t Wake Me,” in January. “Our music is more folk-rock and upbeat than folk,” she says. “Jason adds rhyme and edge to my more softer mellow sound.”

Dowd frequently returns to the area to play at her favorite spots, Drum & Quill in Pinehurst and The Jefferson Inn in Southern Pines. Follow her music here.

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