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The Sandhills Trolley Co. is testing out a new endeavor — which could be our first form of town-to-town mass public transit since the early 1900s. UberXXXL, if you will.

This May, the company is introducing Trolley Transit, a hop on, hop off trolley, on a trial basis. The idea is a nod to the rail trolley system that carted people from Southern Pines to Pinehurst in the early days of both towns. “People kept getting confused and thinking they could just hop on our cruises,” says co-owner Nicole Stein. “We thought, how can we connect these towns? We think it’ll help with issues like parking, drinking and driving, etc. We want to be part of the solution.”

In its test phase, the trolley will only be available Thursday through Saturday. There will be designated pickup spots and a QR code at stops that’ll give you an ETA for when it’ll arrive. Travel between Southern Pines, Aberdeen and Pinehurst with a day pass or buy a one-stop pass. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for fun new cruises coming this season.

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