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Nothing to Be Up in Arms About

Sixteen year old Levi Ratkowski, from West End, is pulling his weight in the world of arm wrestling. We don’t just mean in a school cafeteria. Levi has been competing in arm wrestling tournaments for about a year and a half. Not only does he win pretty often, he does so in adult heavyweight leagues. At 16. 

Photos courtesy of Levi Ratkowski via Instagram

Levi played football until he suffered a concussion on the field, leaving him with longterm side effects that made a future in contact sports infeasible. Then, his stepdad introduced him to arm wrestling as a way to still be competitive. “I wanted to do something to feel good about myself,” says Levi.

Arm wrestling as a sport actually requires a lot of training. Levi trains five days a week and says it’s very strenuous on your tendons. “A lot of people think it’s just your hand or wrist but it’s your whole body,” says Levi.

Levi practices and trains with a team in Aberdeen, where he says everyone is supportive and values community. He competes around every two months and plans to make arm wrestling a full time career when he’s finished with high school. To follow his journey, ask about getting into the sport or watch him get a grip, follow his Instagram.

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