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Can You Paint With All The Colors of the Wind?

Artist Nick Napoletano can — especially after spending 12 days installing a mural on the side of Harbour Place in downtown Southern Pines. The overall concept, a nod to the equestrian community, is also about the passage of time. 

Nick started by mapping out the design and writing affirmations on the wall that would eventually be painted over. His design featured patterns inspired by Indigenous culture and Gustav Klimt, an artist of The Enlightenment period who had an awareness of “what it means to be alive.” 

Photo courtesy of The Arts Council of Moore County 

Also in the painting are two birds carrying strings, which are actually unraveling DNA strands. The birds represent building owner Steve Harbour’s parents, who passed the building to their children.

Nick hopes this mural will “inspire people to see what’s possible.” Find it at 311 SE Broad Street. 

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