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Did you know there’s a huge mansion right in the center of Carthage? Probably not, because from the street it just looks like a storefront. What’s now known as the Tyson-Sinclair building was originally built on McReynolds Street in 1905 by T.B Tyson, of the Tyson & Jones Buggy Co. family, as a personal home.

At some point, the 34,000-square-foot-ish house was sold to the Sinclair family, who built a new shell around the mansion, transforming it into a storefront. The house became Carthage Furniture in 1940, and the many rooms were used as staging areas. It’d likely give IKEA a run for its money if it were around today.

Marked by a rusted Carthage Furniture sign, the maze of rooms and hallways in the Tyson-Sinclair Building (home to a grand staircase and ornate fireplaces) has been divided and divided again into several businesses over its long and messy history. It’s now home to a hibachi restaurant, a barbershop, a salon, and several gift shops, many of which are veteran-owned. 

The building was last purchased in March 2022 by a group of five owners, who have been working together to rehabilitate some of the building’s features and bring in new businesses. “It has so much potential,” says one owner, Georgia Chriscoe.

There’s also an elevator that spans four floors—unfortunately it doesn’t work. The owners want to fix it so more of the space— such as the upstairs event space — can be easily accessible. 

If you want to daydream about living like a buggy town heiress, roam the halls and see how many fireplaces you find — we lost count at 15. More interested in selling goods or learning about restoration efforts? Contact the owners via Facebook or at (910) 783-9600.

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