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What wood you do? Rodney Pickler and his grandson JD Hussey are spreading axe of kindness by giving out free firewood to anyone who needs it during the blackout. 

They duo plans to sit outside of Dicks Sporting Goods today until they give all the wood away.

JD and Rodney are native to Moore County. They live in Robbins, the only town in Moore County to have never lost power as a result of the substation attacks. They branched out to Aberdeen for the day to help the community.  

Rodney says he uses wood to heat his house so he typically cuts a lot of wood each year. “There’s always some extra,” he says, “We just want to help out.” 

“The first couple that stopped today didn’t even want any wood, they just wanted a donation. We told them that’s not why we’re here but they insisted. There’s good people here,” says Rodney. 

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