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Officials say spraying, which could harm beneficial insects, isn’t worth killing what amounts to a “nuisance.”  “They are not carrying any disease and do not pose a serious risk to public health,” says County Manager Wayne Vest. So, with the $156,000 in funding from the state, the county will eventually provide residents and parks with … mosquito birth control.

Let us know how that works. We’ll just be waiting for the first frost. In the meantime, we’ve got some advice for bites below.


Here’s How to Stop the Slap Fest.

In case you haven’t noticed, mosquitos are bigger than ever and not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are a few ways to avoid bites from these demon spawn (and the swelling, bruising, fevers, hives and enlarged lymph nodes that may come with it) without using harsh pesticides.

1. Gogogu Natural Bug Mosquito Repellent Stickers. These patches can be applied directly to the skin or on your kid’s clothes, and each sticker lasts between 12-24 hours. They’re easy to apply and no mess.

2. SallyeAnder No Bite Me. This contains a mixture of essential oils with a strong smell that bugs hate. It’s all natural and made in the U.S.

3. Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard. It’s safe for babies six months and older, with an extra protection of 30 SPF. It’s also a great option for every day, because it’s more affordable than the rest.

4. BugMace. An all-natural and organic spray that’s said to be 100 percent safe for babies, children and adults for up to 7 hours.

5. Neatmaster Ultrosonic Repeller. It’s non-toxic, odorless, and safe for all users and pets..

6. Mosquito Bracelets. Safe for babies, kids and even pregnant women. If you put it on your baby’s ankle instead of their wrist, they might keep it on a bit longer.

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