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This month (Nov. 3 to be exact) marks our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of delivering all kinds of awesome to your inbox. And because you couldn’t even send a card, we’re going to make you read some of the nice things other people have said about us.

When I saw this, I at first thought, oh great another newsletter with advertisers. But you made it different and I love the quick and witty news bites of our local shops!

Love it all. Keep the sarcasm. Keep addressing the “real” people of The Pines.

You are providing a great service to our area! People constantly complain about nothing to do but this area has a ton of stuff going on! 

But, because we’re still humble, there’s also this:

You’re trying too hard to be hip. Your headlines aren’t funny and the homework section is just annoying.

I signed up for this but I didn’t know it would be this bullshit. 

Well. That’s our cue to pop some champagne.
We’d share it with all of you if we could.

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