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Moore County is getting its first cat cafe called — what else? — Kitten Around. What is a cat cafe, you might ask? It’s a place that you can come hang out, get a coffee and play with cats. The best part? All the cats come from area shelters and will be adoptable. 

Denna Schreiner and her husband got the inspiration from a cat cafe in Concord. The coffee counter will have the basics and some baked goods, but Denna says “we’re not trying to be a full-service coffee shop. We’re here for the cats.” 

The cat room, separate from the coffee counter, only allows six people at a time to make sure there’s space for everyone to have a purrrfect day. Denna plans to have 10-12 cats in the lounge at a time. Book an hour slot online for $12 Tuesday-Thursday or $15 Friday-Saturday, or do a 30-minute walk-in for $8. Proceeds help with the cats’ care.

And since Denna has already gotten these questions, no, they are not an intake facility. They only get fully-vetted cats from shelters. This also is not a “bring your own cat” playdate situation. Mr. Purrito can stay at home.

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