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:: For the Man Who’s a Sucker for Anything Handmade: 

Because a plastic back-scratcher in the shape of a hand is way too pedestrian, give him a helpful third arm hand-crafted from a whiskey barrel at Heritage Flag. It’s sure to make visitors itch to strike up a conversation. Alternate: Try the “For the love of Whiskey” t-shirt, which is also $25.

:: For the Person Who Reads on Their Lunch Break: 

That person hiding behind a book during the Christmas party will love a fresh novel from The Country Bookshop, or a quirky bookmark to keep their place after you interrupt them. That person who reads nothing but this newsletter will love a crude parody book or funny magnet for their wine fridge.

:: For the Person Who Never Has a Bag on Hand:

Embrace your inner petty with a passive-aggressive gift for the neighbor who always leaves their pet’s little presents around your cul-de-sac or jogging path. A Poopie Pocket is a gift that every dog owner will not only chuckle at, but actually strap on their leash and use. Find it at Dunrovin Country Store, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, Pinehurst Animal Hospital and Moore Equine and Pet Supply.

:: For the Woman Who Likes to Stay Cozy in the Bedroom: 

If you’re shopping for a lady that already has her wardrobe put together, move on to what she’s enjoying in the bedroom with something luxurious for her feet. These Naughty & Nice slippers from Kataphora Boutique are $35. Socks are $17 and  candles are $11.50 or $26.50.

:: For the Beauty Lover you Don’t Want to Underwhelm: 

Let the makeup-loving beauty guru on your list buy her own makeup, because you probably can’t afford what she wants on a Secret Santa budget. Opt for this scrub from Karma, so you can tell her that her skin looks as smooth as a duck’s butt — which we’re sure she didn’t know was smooth to begin with. With compliments like that, your friendship is sure to last forever.

:: For Someone Covered in Sin:

A funny hand sanitizer is a great stocking stuffer for a friend, and for a stranger you want to test the waters with right away. Hey, life is short. Flowland also has funny socks and oven mitts — anything in the store will help give them the giggles (and maybe even the munchies) without costing you a fortune.

:: For Those Who Like to Spice up the Clean-Up:

Tea Towels are a fun but fairly cheap way to make a designated dishwasher laugh, and Eloise Trading Company has one for every personality — from the wine drinker to the innuendo lover. If they have a kitchen, they have a need for a tasteful towel. ($8-$14)

:: For Those Who Don’t Take Life Too Seriously: 

From soaps to wash their Dad Bod to Reindeer games everyone can enjoy, Mockingbird on Broad has endless gifts for a Secret Santa, White elephant or “I don’t really know anything about my coworker but their birthday” gifts that will bring out the kid in every grownup.
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