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If you’re participating in Dry (or Damp) January, there’s plenty in the works from Tori Davis, owner of JB & Co, a company dedicated to NA drink options. She’ll keep a shelf of non-alcoholic grab-and-go options stocked at diVine Lounge. That’s also the site of her next Sober Soiree, which will include a four-course meal. Another goal for Tori this month is to begin having sober curious meet-ups to do fun things without getting shmammered.

  • Want some tips from Tori on staying dry … or damp?
    • Schedule things to do that are outside of your norm, and take your mind off alcohol. Try an activity such as yoga on an evening when you’d normally go for a drink. 
    • If you do drink, write down how you feel afterward. Taking data points can help you analyze what’s best for you. 
    • Have other options on hand for when you want to reach for something. 
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