Find Your Family’s Match with Sandhills Rent A Nanny

For the past four years, Abbey George has made it her mission to provide reputable childcare for local families through Sandhills Rent A Nanny. But, what started as Abbey and two others offering hourly care has recently transitioned into a placement service that matches families with a nanny who won’t just slap a tablet in your kids’ hands. 

“I heard from several families that Care.com can be really hit or miss, so we wanted to do something here to service that demand,” Abbey says.

Pictured: OG nanny Abbey George with two children she’s cared for with Sandhills Rent A Nanny.

A new mom herself, Abbey is taking a step back from the actual caregiving side to develop the placement service.

Families can now purchase everything from temporary nanny packages to part-time nanny packages. Abbey and her team will then match them with a certified nanny from their pool of caregivers based on compatibility.

Each Sandhills Rent A Nanny applicant undergoes thorough screening by Abbey and her team. In addition to background checks, Abbey reviews their first aid and safety certifications and requires a clean drug test. Sandhills Community College professor and mother Alysa D. Young, RN, FNP-C recently joined the team to work on the HR side of Sandhills Rent A Nanny.

Parents interested in purchasing a package through Sandhills Rent A Nanny can go to their website and review the options for a temporary, a full-time or part-time nanny. Hourly rates and booking is also available.

“We’ve serviced 200 plus families in this area, so we’re looking forward to growing that,” Abbey says. We do social media checks, multiple interviews — really everything to ensure we find a trustworthy nanny for families.”

For more information on Abbey and Sandhills Rent A Nanny, check out their website, and keep an eye on the company’s Facebook page.

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