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Don’t Freeze Candy Out

Texture enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Casey Parrish, who you may know from her food truck Pita Perfect, is beginning a new side venture called Chill Blasted Treats — a freeze-dried candy business.

So what’s the point? Well for starters, anything freeze dried will apparently last 10-25 years. But if you’re not the type to leave candy sitting around for long, Casey says it also turns everyday candy into something “magical” — like a “party in your mouth.” Sign us up. It’s also nice if you have teeth issues or just don’t like how chewy some candy is.

Casey has owned a freeze drier for about a year but has been toying around with different temps and settings for each candy. Right now you can purchase various popular candies with copyrights we will not infringe. Let’s call them rainbow sugar beans and chocolate pieces named after a rapper. A bag is $10 and a jar is $5, or two for $8. You can buy them from the Pita Perfect food truck or from The Hive in downtown Southern Pines — get more info via Facebook or Instagram.

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