In HearSway

1. The Cheese Ball

Do you live to ask the guys at the quick lube if they’re workin’ hard or hardly workin’? Do you make everyone at the office look at pictures of sunsets captured with your new DSLR? This, good sir, is right up your alley.

2. The Hot Dog

Do you enjoy a good innuendo? Indulge your inner frat boy and woo all the ladies with a quick wink and an open-armed invitation to relish all your meaty glory.

3. The Lone Wolf

Who needs three wolves and a moon? Not you, baby. Plus, your favorite T-shirt is in the wash. Pull on this glorified blanket trimmed with brothel-chic fringe and show the pack of haters that all you need is yourself and the night.

4. Terrifying Bob Ross

Maybe it’s because we love Bob Ross. Maybe it’s because the model’s expression looks a little … overzealous. Maybe it’s the way the poorly made beard seems to float around the wearer’s face like a deranged cloud. Either way, this costume is much more frightening than your run-of-the-mill clown.

5. The Fitness Instructors

Really in a time crunch? Possess absolutely no amount of self- consciousness? Pull on these skin-tight leotards and tights and show everyone every. single. thing. that your significant other is working with.

6. The Bad Boy

Want to show a potential partner that you’re among the best of suitors? This outfit checks all the relationship boxes:

1. Committed and Dedicated. Those wrap-around, full-length tattoo sleeves show you’re fully available to any decision — and ready to share it with the world.
2. Creative. Engineering a a shiny-buttoned shirt out of a prison-issue top is an accomplishment to be celebrated.
3. Brave. The grit to escape from the generic state facility and wear your orange in public shows you’re not scared of anything life throws at your relationship. It’s you two against the world, baby.

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