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Don’t Use That Tone With Me

It may be spring but is that your season? If you somehow missed the abundance of color analysis videos online, you wouldn’t know that pastels may be washing you out or that royal blue isn’t fit for your plebeian undertones. Those are all things you learn when you “get your colors done.” Local color analyst and stylist Karen Griffith holds a degree in fashion design, and is ready to help you find what makes you pop.

Karen moved to Pinehurst a little over four years ago and began working in the area as a stylist, thanks in part to all the galas and events in the area.

“I love working with women and helping them find their style,” she says. “Color analysis goes hand in hand with being in people’s closets. It just happened to get trendy while I was doing my certification.”

Everything from undertones to eye color comes into play during the color analysis, which takes about an hour and a half. Everyone gets a season: spring, summer, autumn, winter. From there you could be bright, deep, soft, etc. The goal is to be able to choose colors, hair tones, jewelry and more that complement your features. “It’s like unlocking a code,” says Karen.

“I want people to think of fashion as approachable and not just something for someone else,” says Karen. You can even book color analysis for a group and turn it into a party where you get to see others find their palette. Learn more here.

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