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Hare of the Dog?

“Bohemian meets the 1920’s, with a bit of whimsy,” is how Elizabeth Schilling describes her new mobile bar, named Rabbit Rabbit. The Vass native has been in the restaurant industry since 2010 and has always dreamed of opening a brick and mortar, but is starting with a mobile bar. 

“When you walk up you almost feel like you’re somewhere else. That’s what I want, something old school,” says Elizabeth, who strives to craft drinks based on the vibe and experience her customers want. “I love the artistry behind cocktails. I love helping people discover new drinks.” 

Elizabeth purchased the trailer on Oct. 1 and steamrolled the uplift, launching the rentable bar within the month. Clients can customize a specific drink menu, from cocktails to beer and wine. You’ll also get cup service when you rent Rabbit Rabbit and because Elizabeth is passionate about minimizing her footprint, the cups are all biodegradable.

Photo courtesy of David Anderson

Rabbit Rabbit is a cute name, but holds a lot of meaning for Elizabeth. She follows an old tradition of yelling “Rabbit! Rabbit!” out into the universe on the first of each month for good luck. She also owns a pet bunny and this is the year of the Rabbit on the Chinese zodiac. “I was feeling pretty lucky about it all,” says Elizabeth.

  • Ready to throw your own hoppin’ party? Shoot Elizabeth a DM via Instagram. 
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