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Capt. Andrew Patrick Ross, Sgt. 1st Class Eric Michael Emond and Staff Sgt. Dylan J. Elchin were killed last week by an IED blast in Afghanistan — and Sgt. Jason McClary passed away from his injuries on Sunday. Other team members were injured. We’re keeping a running list of ways to help them and their families. If there’s something we’ve missed, send us a line at hello@itsthesway.com.


:: If you’d like to send a letter, drawing or other small token of comfort to the team left behind, get it to us by Friday for inclusion in a care package. Drop it off at Sway HQ (145 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Southern Pines).

:: If you’d like to send comfort to Allie Emond and the couple’s three children, you can drop off a note and/or donation at Sage Harvest. Sign up to deliver Felicia Ross a meal, make a donation or send her some e-love here.

Other ways you can help: 
:: Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, an organization Eric Emond co-founded, is now, tragically, raising money for his family. More here.

:: The Duskin and Stephens Foundation is raising money in honor of Drew Ross. Link.

:: Dylan Elchin’s team is making a memorial donation to the Air Commando Association. Link.

:: A campaign is ongoing to reunite rescue dog Ammo with his soldier, who was injured in the IED blast that took his teammates’ lives. Link.

:: A HERO WOD is being planned for the last weekend in March, following a motorcycle ride to the workout. If you’d like to be a sponsor or donate items, send an email to aslynn@duskinandstephens.org.

:: Forte Fitness, which sells healthy, single-serve meals, is allowing people to purchase for the family. Email Brandi Martin at fortefitness@yahoo.com.

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