A few emails ago, The Sway published a piece bashing parents who bring their kids with them when they go out to grab a drink or two. I found it to be unnecessary and unfair. [Editor’s note: find that column here]

Look, parents get judged enough. And you’re right, no one is perfect. So why spend time sitting on your barstool just waiting for a child that’s not yours to fall, or to make a noise unpleasant to your ears? My children are loud, and they bother people everywhere. Do what you would do in a grocery store or anywhere else: Mind your own business.

I’m not sure what kind of parent you’ve encountered, but I’m not some drunkard looking for an excuse to take my toddler out for an afternoon of debauchery — I’m a tired mom who wants to get out of the house and have interaction with adults. I’m not taking my kid to Bruce’s Tavern at 10 a.m. I’m sitting on the patio of the Growler after a nice afternoon at the park. And even after a beer or two, I still trust myself more than even the most highly recommended of teenagers.

Ok, so, never under any circumstances, should you get behind the wheel with a buzz. Especially if you have your kids in tow. But don’t assume that’s what we’re doing. Lucky for me, I live close enough to walk downtown, and many of my friends do as well.

I’m also lucky that my kid enjoys a game of Jenga– even if it is 20 years old and stuffed into a worn-out box. But at the point that doesn’t provide enough of a distraction, you’re right, it is convenient as hell to charge up the iPad and hit the pub. And when the mood strikes, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

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