The thirst is real. Not only because I just made my pores cry for an hour.

Yes, this is none other than cocktail expert Tony Cross, teaching the class at Bikram Yoga Beyond Studio. He’s not the only instructor; there’s also Karen Frye, the owner of Nature’s Own and Bikram. She is great, but I don’t have a picture of her, sooo….


As someone who does Crossfit regularly, I was looking for a way to mix up my routine and focus on moves that would quickly tighten up the winter bod I’ve been ignoring. And, uh, I got it. It was all core, all on a mat, and all stupid sweaty.

So. Much. Sweaty.

Just imagine doing 60 minutes of side planks, mountain climbers, lunges, and burpees in 97-degree heat. NINETY. SEVEN. DEGREES.

My core immediately felt tighter, and I’m still feeling the effects three days later. If I’m not ready for summer soon, I’m demanding a refund; but lucky for me, my fellow sweaters agreed that two weeks is all it takes to see insane results. You can take two weeks of unlimited classes for $30, and Inferno is offered at 10:30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

This is a class I can really see sweating through with my husband. You know, if he can get over my thirst. And because Bikram has showers — nice ones, stocked with organic products — maybe we can actually go out after.


This post was written anonymously (for obvious reasons) by a member of The Sway community, in partnership with Tony Cross.

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