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Man playing guitar on outdoor stage

If you frequent The Drum & Quill, Maxie’s or Neville’s, chances are you’ve heard the name Kyle Garris. He lives in Wrightsville Beach but travels to Pinehurst to enjoy his two favorite pastimes, music and golf. He considers himself a country singer and credits Waylon Jennings, Jerry Reed and Stevie Wonder as some of his biggest musical inspirations and draws from each of their styles when he performs.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry by day, Garris finds it challenging to get in as much playing time in Pinehurst as he would like, but he’s already looking to the future for more opportunities to take advantage of Pinehurst’s nightlife and music scene.

“I’m looking forward to being able to tone down the day job so I can start traveling for music more and getting to places like Pinehurst more,” he says.

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