Local Nonprofit Aims to Teach Kids Responsibility Through Horsemanship

Alexa, play Old Town Road because a local nonprofit wants to fling the barn door wide open for kids across Moore County who don’t currently have access to horses in the back. 

As president of the Friends of Weymouth, which operates the Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities, longtime equestrian Ashley Van Camp is on a mission to create a sustainable horsemanship program that would operate from the center’s historic barns. 

In June, the Friends partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills for a trial run with nearby Renaissance Equine Rescue, and watched as middle-schoolers received a quick lesson in confidence and self-control.

“Horses show so much about teamwork, accountability, and responsibility. It’s not just the riding, it’s the experience of being around a half-ton teacher,” Ashley says. “And we saw that the day we brought those kids out.” 

The program is in its baby stages. Want to get involved, or find out how to donate? Reach out to Ashley Van Camp at avancamp@pinehurst.net for more info. 

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