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Meet Julia Golden, a local singer-songwriter who is competing in this month’s Carolina Artist Showdown, presented by the Carolina Country Music Awards. If listeners vote her as the artist of the month, she’ll be in the running for the CCMA’s Entertainer of the Year award. That’s kind of a big deal for Julia, who graduated high school early to pursue a full-time music career. “Music has always just been it,” she says.

Photos courtesy of Julia Golden

Julia says she’s still trying to figure out her exact “sound,” but she has been writing songs since she got her first ukulele in sixth grade. “I’ve got a whole plethora of unreleased songs,” says Julia. Her song “Cupid,” released earlier this year, can be streamed on all major platforms.

Julia’s sound may be in the works but branding comes easy thanks to her stage name, taken from a family name. “My gold glitter cowboy boots are my most prized possession,” she laughs.

Finding balance between teenage life and the music industry can be challenging, but Julia believes it adds authenticity to her work. “It’s super busy,” she says. “I have a show on Thursday, show on Friday, my senior prom on Saturday and then a show on Sunday.” She has at least three shows booked every week through December, and tries to pursue opportunities in Nashville at least once a month.

Julia’s mom worked for a radio station when she was younger, which had a big influence on her love of music. That love grew with musical theater at Union Pines High School and at Interlochen Center for the Arts, which she attended for a year in Michigan. “I was surrounded by people who loved what I loved,” says Julia. “I’m very grateful I’ve had so many safe places to pursue music.”

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