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If you haven’t considered the automotive industry, you should. 

Cars in a shop

From repairing a classic body to building an electric car from scratch, SCC’s got you covered.

Join the countless number of students — from teenagers to military veterans — who have turned to SCC for training in one of today’s fastest-growing job markets. As automotive systems become increasingly computerized, says department chair Steve Ingham, the demand for technologically literate technicians only continues to grow.  

“The older guys used to be craftsmen; now we’re diagnosticians,” he says. “I used to hear ‘Man, just give me somebody with good hands and we’ll train them.’ Now they say ‘Give me somebody with a good mind and I’ll train the hands.’ It’s totally flipped.” 

The demand is so high that Tesla has offered high-level program graduates a guaranteed space on their payroll. As Steve says, “it’s not hard to make a serious living in this industry.” 

Skeptical? Check out the tech-centric Auto Systems Technology program, or follow another career via Collision Repair and Refinishing — where you’ll repair the cars of individuals who have recently acquired much higher insurance premiums (and/or demolition derby enthusiasts).

Oh, and current students are in the process building an electric car.  By hand. What have you done today?

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