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Here are some of the best spots to find something fresh, served from the window of a truck. From papaya to pulled pork, we’ve got you covered.

Berri Bowlful: From acai bowls (pictured) to superfruit smoothies, follow this truck for your weekend superfood fix. It took a break for the holidays, but should return to its spot near Pony Espresso in Southern Pines by the time you resolve to eat healthier, again.

Military Moms: Your kids will love ordering a Major Butts or Sergeant Cheese. You’ll love the truck’s take on peanut butter and jelly. The truck is transitioning to catering, so catch them around town while you can.

One Nine Drive: We can’t be the only ones who can’t get enough of their sweet potato wedges — or their curry. Find them Tuesday through Friday from 11-2 on Old U.S. 1.

Lila’s Taco Truck: This should have made our Taco Tuesday list, but you can never be sure when the less-than-fancy vendor is actually open. If you see them parked in the empty lot by Chick-fil-A, stop and try their salsa verde chicken tacos.

Wildfire Pizza: The wood-fired pies will stick in your memory — as will the tie-dye clad chef Ouida Newell and her truck, complete with a beaded curtain.

Market Place: Grab a soup or sandwich from this extension of one of Pinehurst’s lunchtime staples. Give them a try Friday night at Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Did we miss your favorite? Most likely. Email us and let us know.
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