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Woman holding banjo and man holding guitar

Emily Stewart and Matty Sheets came together about two and a half years ago to form Magpie Thief, the Greensboro-based duo that specializes in self-proclaimed “folk music with street smarts.”

“We’ve been through so much playing with each other as musicians that we just decided we needed to be able to reign it down and make it smaller,” Stewart said. “With both of us being able to maximize what we each do best, we can kind of create the full-band sound with just the two of us. We chose folk music because it’s an authentic reflection of our individual experiences.”

Woman and man sitting in front of closed doorsStewart is originally from Alabama, while Sheets originated in Connecticut; their opposite perspectives come in handy when they’re writing music and performing on stage.

“The thing that kind of connect us and brings it all together is that we’re both really committed to authenticity in both our writing and our performing. We’re both eager to bring the human face to it and the human voice to it – we can kind of live vicariously through our performances.”

Moore County locals can keep an eye out for the chance to see Magpie Thief perform every few months at Pinehurst’s Drum & Quill. Follow the band here.

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