So you came from a big city and you’re mourning your favorite food delivery services. We feel your pain — which is why we’re sharing our own extensive home research with you, below. We didn’t include chain pizza places, because duh. 

Ready-Made Food


Supper Meals — When you’re craving a home-cooked meal but know your cooking doesn’t come anywhere close, visit Supper Meals and order up your dinner, cooked by an actual chef. Meals start at $10.95 and include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.


Outback Steakhouse — Forget to refill your propane before the neighborhood cookout? Get grilled steaks delivered to you by 4 p.m. No one will be the wiser unless you also take on a fake Australian accent. 

Order Minimum: No minimum. Deliveries can only be made within 10 miles of the restaurant.

Fee: $4

Phone Number: (910) 695-7000

Menu: Click here.


Famous Toastery — You’re ready for breakfast, but not ready to change out of your PJs. No worries. But the delivery policy isn’t quite clear, so call before you order to make sure they’ll drive your way.

Order Minimum: $20

Fee: Nada

Phone Number: (910) 684-8869

Facebook: Here.


Olive Garden — The only way breadsticks taste better is on your own couch. The catch? You have to order, as the Italians say, “un sacco.” Aka, a lot.

Order minimum: $120

Fee: 15 percent of total bill

Phone Number: (910) 246-5201

Website: Click me.


SoPies NY Pizzeria — Got the drunchies or plan to later? SoPies delivers after 5 p.m. to those within a 10-mile radius of their Southern Pines location.

Order minimum: None

Fee: $3

Phone Number: (910) 725-1092


Panera Bread — Salads, sandwiches, soup, oh my! Order your heart out and enjoy as you please when you order Panera bread to go.

Order minimum: $50

Fee: $15

Phone Number: (910) 692-2902

Website: Bagels and cheese, yes please



Grocery Stores

Harris Teeter: Right when we thought that Harris Teeter couldn’t get any better (there’s a bar in the center of the Pinehurst location) we learned that they will do the shopping for you and you can either pick up your groceries curbside or have them delivered right to your doorstep. Also, you can order ahead at their deli, swing in and pick up your food.

Order minimum: None

First time: FREE

Per visit: $4.95

Unlimited month subscription: $16.95

Unlimited Year subscription: $99.95

Delivery: $15.99 each time

Pinehurst Phone Number: (910) 255-0104

Aberdeen Phone Number: (910) 692-7029

Website: Heerrreee


Lowes Foods: They may not have a bar but they also offer curbside grocery pickup and home delivery. Pro tip: Look in the goodie bag you get when you make your first pickup — you get a coupon code for a full free month. That’s a win.

Order minimum: None

Curbside pickup fee: $4.95

Delivery fee: $14.95

Pinehurst Phone Number: (910) 235-0150

Southern Pines Phone Number: (910) 246-2235

Website: Yes, that’s it, click me.


Food Lion: Order through Instacart for home delivery or store pick-up.

Order minimum: None

Curbside pickup fee: None

Delivery fee:

Free for your first delivery.

$5.99 for delivery with a purchase of $35 or more

$9.99 for a delivery under $35

Website: Roar.


Delivery Services

Red Door Delivery: Owned by female veterans, this business is a personal shopping, home delivery and errand service based in Aberdeen.

Service fees: 18-20% of the total

Errand fee: $3 per stop

Delivery fee: $5

Website: Here.


Moore Home Services: Based in Seven Lakes, this business will clean your house, ship your packages, pick up your prescriptions and basically take care of all the junk that comes with life.

To inquire about services, call 910-673-1275 or email moorehomeservicesnc@gmail.com.

Website: Here.

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