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While growing a tiny human is something only a woman can do, nothing about early pregnancy feels feminine. You’re expanding exponentially, people are definitely noticing, and there’s a whole set of other things happening to your body that no one wants to talk (or think) about. But after 50 minutes in the capable hands of experts at The Spa at Pinehurst, I managed to feel pretty again, for the first time in four months.

I started the day by meeting spa guru Dustin, who just happens to share the same name as the first man who broke my heart. Don’t worry, he won me over by being cheerful and genuine, and unlike the other Dustin, didn’t change personalities halfway through. Even though I’m pregnant, he gave me a good massage on the heated table. Like really good. He wasn’t just gently touching my back like an awkward first date. I actually enjoyed every minute of it.

We then moved on to a “balancing” custom scrub — because when you’re expanding in all sorts of new and exciting ways, balance is just what you need. The foot scrub was amazing and I can’t wait to come back for the full body experience (post-pregnancy). And, just when I thought Dustin had pulled out all the stops, he gave my baby his first toy — a really special touch. Hopefully my mom doesn’t find out a stranger got her grandson a gift before she did.

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