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April is National Poetry Month and we may be no Taylor Swift, but there are some tortured poets in this department. Love her or hate her, at the very least you’ve got to appreciate that kind of planning. Two years ago, we kicked off our own national poetry month celebration by asking you to write your own Moore County haiku. It seems only fitting that we bring it back around this year. Who doesn’t love a group project? Hit reply and give us what you got. We’ll start.

Here are some of our favorite submissions. (We took the liberty to name the ones that didn’t come with a title) :

Indiana Avenue Haiku

The new game in town

Dodging the manhole speed bumps

Aggravating game

– Robbin B.


Traffic Circle Blues

I feel like I’ve paid my dues

Sitting here all day.

– Dorian D.

What in the NC Weather

Sweaters at daybreak,

Tank tops under for the sun.

Hark, frost in April.

– Samantha G.

Ode to Allergies

Pollen was thick

I coughed up two daffodils,

A pinecone and stick.

– Ann Teresa H.

Pals of the Pines

Precious new friendships

A wonderful place to live

Thankful for each day

– Sarah M.

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