A list of six spots along the famous North Carolina parkway, hand-picked by Sway staffers.

Fyingpan Mountain Lookout Tower — If you’re scared of heights, we don’t suggest climbing to the top of this rusty tower, which sways a bit in the breeze. If you’re not timid, go for it — the views are incredible. Read more here.

Craggy Gardens Trail — Hike a rocky, sun-dappled trail through a wild, ancient and twisted rhododendron-covered forest to reach an outcropping with panoramic views. See it here.

Graveyard Fields — Sounds spooky, but the name comes from the terrain covered in small hills. You’ll need a couple of hours to take in the wildflowers and waterfalls on this hike. The National Forest Service will even allow you to take home up to a gallon of the wild blueberries that grow here, so bring a bucket. More here.

Devil’s Courthouse — Another spookily named site, this time a sinister-looking rock formation that gives visitors a 360-degree panoramic view into South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. It’s a short walk from the parkway.

Tanawha Trail — Take the entire 13-mile trail, or enter at Rough Ridge for a 1.2-mile round trip jaunt on Grandfather Mountain. More here.

Browning Knob — Hike to the wreckage of a Cessna 414, which crashed in the mountains on Nov. 24, 1983. Get directions (and photos) from this blogger here.

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