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Many of our state parks are closed, but you can still earn a Junior Ranger Patch from home.

First, visit the Junior Ranger website and print out this activity book. Follow the steps below to earn the 20 “acorn points” required to earn a Junior Ranger Patch for each state park.

  1. Answer the questions on page 4 about a park of your choice, using that park’s website for clues. Here’s a list of NC parks for reference.
  2. Email a park ranger and ask them for answers to the questions on pages 6-7. You don’t have to retype the questions in the book, but you still need to come up with one of your own.
  3. Use the park’s website to answer the questions about the park’s history on page 8.
  4. Use the park’s online map to answer questions about the water basins.
  5. Fill in the blanks after viewing a virtual program or hike via the state park’s YouTube channel, or by finding information on one of the state park’s Facebook page.
  6. Get the final point by writing a poem about the park or drawing a picture of the park, using photos and information found on the park’s website. You can also explore the park on Google Earth or via a virtual tour.

Once the above steps are completed, gather your work and send it to the park; either send it by snail mail, or scan and email it. Each packet should go to the state park that you chose to focus on. The park will then send a patch to you in the mail.

If you have any questions, email brittany.hurtado@ncparks.gov

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