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This Christmas, our team has adopted the wish lists of 6 local children from First in Families Operation Santa. First in Families of the Sandhills provides support and resources to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. With your help, we can make their holidays brighter.

List is below. Gifts should be unwrapped and be brought to The Pilot office at 145 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Southern Pines by Friday, December 7th at 12pm.

Please email hello@itsthesway.com and tell us which item or items you will purchase so we can keep our list updated.

There are still more children whose wish lists are unfulfilled. For more information please contact Susan Holmes at 910-692-8272.



Aron, boy, age 3

Pants and shirts, size 4T – fulfilled

Shoes, Size 12 toddler – fulfilled

Coat, size 5T – fulfilled

Toys (unspecified) – fulfilled

Diapers size 4-5T- fulfilled


Emily, girl, age 6

We are four in our family, Mom, Dad, little sister Sophy and Emily. Emily was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when she was 3 years old. Emily is 6 years old and her little sister is 4. Emily is no able to sit, stand or walk. She is non-verbal. Emily like to go out, stay around kids and plays with her sister. She also likes to watch TV, listen to music and lay with toys. — Emily’s mother


My First Crayola Mess Free Touch Lights – fulfilled

Fingerlings Hugs – Bella – fulfilled

Fur Real Friends – Monkey – fulfilled

Clothes, size 7-8 – fulfilled

Shoes, size 12 kids – fulfilled


Jeremiah, boy, age 8

Hello, my name is Veronique and I am a single mom. My son is Jeremiah. He is 8 years old and he has ADHD and autism with delays. Jeremiah loves Thomas and Friends and trains. And he also loves history. He loves all the presidents. — Jeremiah’s mother


Thomas and Friends toys – fulfilled

Thomas the Train bed sheets (twin) – fulfilled

Thomas and Friends floor mat – fulfilled

Anything with US Presidents – fulfilled

“Who, What” books or DVDs


Gabrielle, girl, age 2

I am a single mother of 2 girls, one is 13 and the other is 2 1/2. My 2 1/2 year old has had developmental delays most of her life. She struggled extremely hard in learning how to walk and has braces for her feet to strengthen her legs. This setback however has not had an impact on Gabi’s social skills. She loves to talk to everyone she meets and right now her favorite activities are coloring, playing with stickers, singing and dancing. She is a great kid who deserves more than what I can offer with my income. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated. And she loves Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies and UniZoomi (all on Nick Jr.) She is also a huge Tomboy 🙂 — Gabrielle’s mother


Outside toys, playhouse – fulfilled

Pants, shirts, PJs, sock, jacket – fulfilled

Leap Frog learning toy – fulfilled

Baby Doll Accessories – fulfilled

Art Supplies – fulfilled

Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies toys – fulfilled


Tayshawn, boy, age 1

My name is Tasha and my son is Tayshawn that has spina bifida, He is 1 and has a sister named Tamia. She is 6. Tayshawn’s disability affects his walking. — Tayshawn’s mother


Educational toy – fulfilled

Clothes, size 5T – fulfilled

Socks, diapers size 6 – fulfilled

Car Seat – fulfilled


Samira, girl, age 9

Samira is a very sweet intelligent girl who loves to play with stuffed animals and draw pictures.
— Samira’s mother


Long sleeve shirts, size 10-12 – fulfilled

Jeans, size 8Hey sweet girl – fulfilled

“Secret Life of Pets” toy – fulfilled

Paw Patrol Bath Paint – fulfilled

Shoes, size 5 (no laces) – fulfilled

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