Because our idea of a red blend is pouring the last of two red wine bottles together, we’ve worked with the experts at Triangle Wine Company to compile a list of red wines that’ll please your palate. Salut! (Look at us, we’re more sophisticated already).

1. If You Want to Be Fancy On a Budget: The Domaine du Prince is a steal at $12.99. If you use the “I don’t buy it unless its under $10 rule,” splurge on this one. It’s a Rhone Valley red blend that is predominantly Syrah and is said to be really good for the money.

2. If You Want to Get Cheesy: Pair the Salviano Turlo with some funky and earthy cheeses. This $15.99 red is a bold Tuscan blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet. It also is fantastic if you are trying to wow a friend who is grilling out.

3. If You Want the “Area Club” Feel: By club we obviously mean golf, not night. Try the Roth Estate Cabernet. This cab goes for $23.99 but is found on many of the local clubs’ list of wine by the glass. Buy the bottle instead.

4. Fan of peppers?  Try the Penalolen Cabernet. It’s a smokey cab with notes of bell peppers. When asked if you should serve it with something pepper forward, Matt replied “go on and double down.” So, stuff those peppers then drink the wine for $19.99 a bottle!

5. Organic?  Crunchy?  Or just want to be?  Try the Montinore Estate Pinot Noir.  It is from one of the largest organic producers, and is super light, bright, and also biodynamic certified — for $19.99 a bottle!

6. Want a classic Merlot to drink or gift?  Try the Clos du Roy Fronsac. It’s dark, fruit-rich, well structured, and fit to age at $29.99 — a heavy wine that make you feel light. It’s a great bottle for a celebration.

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