Thinking about the same old pair of NFL slippers? A beer-of-the-month subscription? A lame present inside a crate that takes him 10 minutes to open? Think again. Check out our list of unique gifts, right in your own neighborhood.


:: Swag From His Favorite Brewery

Your man will love one of the new T-shirts, hats or even Ranger panties from Southern Pines Brewing Company. If he’s just here for the beer, try a new growler that will keep it fresh and cold.


:: Swag to Keep Him Comfortable in the Outdoors

River Jacks is the best place for dudes that love being outside, with everything he’ll need for hiking, fishing and camping — plus stuff he won’t even know he needs until it winds up under the tree. If he’s the type that buys everything he needs for himself, a new T-shirt, socks and a Yeti will never go unused or unappreciated.


:: A Place to Tend to his Meat…

What man doesn’t dream of spending the weekend smoking a nice rump roast? Burney Hardware has the tools to up his game, and accessories that every man could always use more of. Knowledgable staff can help you find the perfect smoker for your man; or chainsaws, mowers and more to help him get his yard looking better than the neighbor’s.


:: …Or, Meat he Doesn’t Have to Tend

A gift card to his favorite steakhouse is always appreciated, too — loaded with enough dough for a good steak, whiskey and whatever you’re ordering. We recommend Beefeaters or Southern Prime for all of our meaty outings.


:: Something to Help Take Care of His No. 1

If your man (or your dad) loves his car more than he loves you (very likely) then an afternoon with Justin and his crew at J’s Mobile Detailing is just what he needs. He’ll love not having to leave his house to get his baby detailed, and brag to his friends about having the best in the business working for him. More info.


:: Methods to Help Him Zero in on his Target

He’d never admit it, but he could benefit from Pat Mac Shooting School. Time slots are available each month this year, and couples courses are offered, too, if you want to perfect your shot with him. 


:: Gear for His Piece

If your guy has a safe full of you don’t want to know, a gun-cleaning kit from American Guns & Ammo will inspire him to dust off one of the many pistols he never shoots but just had to have. A new set of hearing or eye protection, a range bag, shot timer or targets will also get him motivated to put all that money spent to good use, and make an enemy out of your peace-and-quiet-loving neighbors.


:: Gear Fit for a Gentleman

Let’s face it, he would be wearing cargo shorts and cutoff sleeves if you weren’t there to intervene.  He might not fully appreciate something from Gentleman’s Corner in Pinehurst, but you might.


:: Courses to Help Him Ace a Hole-in-One

A lesson with a local golf pro is something he might not buy for himself, but something he would never turn down. The pros at Knollwood have a deal on lessons and a club fitting, or even pre-paid range packages for the guy who insists he doesn’t need direction.


:: Luggage He Can Drag Proudly Through an Airport

If your man is always on the go, a new suitcase is always appreciated, along with any other accessory from the Framer’s Cottage men’s section.


:: One Less Thing to Complain About

Every guy spends hours in the gym, then immediately complains about sore muscles. A sports massage is something that his body will thank you for (check out the massage deals at FirstHealth if you’re a member there). A trip to Nutrishop for more BCAAs, protein and pre-workout is the key to his non-stretching heart.


:: Tools to Tame the Bearded Beast

If your man spends more time combing his beard than your kid’s ratty mops, a gift certificate, creams or oils from Old Pines Barber Shop will make him a happy man. 


:: Military-Inspired Soaps and Cologne

Dopp kits, bullets repurposed as wine corks, manly soaps and more — pick them up while you’re making your own Christmas list at R.Riveter this season.

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