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Return of the Mac

The sides that show up at your family table? Predictable. Just like the people you run into every year at the hometown bar. Let’s serve up a little sample of who you’ll be seeing this week:

  • The one who peaked in high school: Somehow, the conversation will always end with how they’re living their best life ever, aka a pitch to join them at Amway.
  • The finance bro: Long-sleeved dress shirts, vests and Zyn aren’t all he invests in, but the only thing crashing at his place is the economy.
  • The ones that bring their baby to the bar: Can you have kids without making them your whole personality? These two haven’t figured that out.
  • Your former teacher: Everyone knew she was a party animal when she taught your class how to do the dougie, but seeing her with an appletini confirms the theory.
  • The guy who got swole: He’s been waiting three months for someone to ask him about his routine. Don’t let it be you. 
  • Your Ex: This one is a mixed bag. Will old habits die hard? Will they follow you around scaring off any prospects, like your credit score? Will you both glare from a distance? Whatever happens, we expect your sibling will be getting a whispered earful at the table the next day.
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