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The North & South Bar at the Pinehurst Resort’s newly remodeled Manor Inn is just the kind of tall, dark and moody that we like. And in a few short weeks, whiskey cocktails and Pinehurst brews will begin flowing.

The N&S Sour (right) tastes even better than it looks.

You’ll find a mix of signature and classic cocktails, with recipes guided by an in-house bourbon expert. At a recent soft opening, we chose two with Woodford — the N&S Old Fashioned, left (with orange-walnut bitters and an orange peel that’s set on fire before being placed in your glass)and the N&S Sour, with egg whites and sweet and sour mix.

While an on-bar attachment allows your Old Fashioned to be smoked on demand, you can get a front-row seat to open flame on the patio. 

Cocktail prices start at $14; and while bringing your own hotdog roasting fork would be frowned upon, barbecue from Pinehurst Brewery is just a golf cart ride away.

The North & South Bar is part of Pinehurst Resort’s renovation of the Manor Inn. See more of the Manor here.

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