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So what you can’t leave your house. The Internet, as always, supplies all needs. Here’s a list of places you can explore from your couch, kitchen table, or wherever else you take your phone.

The Taj Mahal, as seen through Google Arts & Culture

World Heritage Sites: Want to get a street-eye-view of the Taj Mahal? The Colosseum? How about the Great Pyramid of Giza? Tour ’em all, and more, via Google Arts & Culture.

  • The Great Wall of China: Take a virtual tour here before learning about the wall’s most popular sections, and tourist information for when you might actually get to go.
  • The Louvre: Tour Egyptian antiquities, the remains of the Louvre’s moat and the Galerie d’ Apollon here.

The British Museum: This iconic museum is offering a seriously cool, interactive timeline from which to explore everything from mummies to the Rosetta stone.

Live Feeds from of Your Favorite Animals:

  • San Diego Zoo offers live feeds on penguins, pandas, owls and more. This site is also full of games and activities.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium has live feeds from the aviary, coral reef, shark tank and more.
  • Georgia Aquarium has a beluga whale cam — and they have some sick moves. You can also watch the sea lions and jellyfish.
  • The Cincinnati Zoo has planned a Home Safari, via Facebook live, at 3 p.m. each weekday.
  • The Alaska Department of Fish and Game offers live cams of the walruses on Round Island, and salmon as they develop to adulthood.

The Surface of Mars: Watch a simulation of the Curiosity Rover landing, then enjoy a 360-degree digital view of the planet’s surface.

A Spacecraft: Boeing and Discovery Education have prepared a virtual field trip to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, including a look at the Starliner/CST-100 and the careers of those working on it.

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