So, what are your expectations?

1. Eh, I just need a free meal
2. I was set up on a blind date, we'll see how it goes
3. Getting a blissful night away from the kids
4. It's gonna be love at first sight and we'll get married and have babies

What's your status?

1. We've never met - fingers crossed!
2. We've been on a few dates
3. We've been together for a while and it's going well
4. We're happily married and looking forward to date night

Are you dressing up or going casual?

1. I may change out of my hoodie, but the chucks are staying on.
2. Getting my hair done, and buying a new outfit today
3. Nothing fancy, but I'll be presentable
4. This is epic and I'm pulling out all the stops.

What's the plan for the evening?

1. Drinks, dinner and a walk around the block
2. Movie at The Sunrise and a cocktail dowtown
3. Live music and beer drinking
4. Horse-drawn carriages, romance and ... you know.

How are you getting there?

1. I have a two seater bike.
2. We're taking an Uber because things will get crazy.
3. We'll arrive separately
4. I'm being picked up in a limo with champagne waiting for me.

Who's paying?

1. I'm paying.
2. They're paying, but I'll put up a little fight
3. We're going dutch.
4. Pay? We're dining and dashing

Finally, what's happening after?

1. We're planning on where to go for breakfast.
2. We'll plan the next date and go our separate ways
3. Best night ever, it's never ending!
4. Updating the group text on the developments

All 7 questions completed!

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