First, pick a place to get your PSL.

Buggy Town Coffee
The Roast Office
High Octane Coffee

Next, pick the best spot to snag your fall selfie.

Kalawi Farms
Jackson Brothers Produce
Gross Farms

Now, pick a place for a stroll and fall gazing.

Downtown Southern Pines
Weymouth Center
Reservoir Park
Cameron Antiques

Next, pick a flannel swatch.

Now, pick something to roast on a fire.

Hot dogs
A Chicken

Finally, pick something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A pumpkin scone from PineScones
Salted caramel pretzel cupcake from C-Cups
Gingerbread cake from Squire's Pub
Caramel Toffee Bread Pudding from Ryder Cup Lounge

All 6 questions completed!

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Your level of fall basicness will determine what you and your S.O. should dress up as for Halloween

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