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Saving money is smart. So is knowing that there’s no point in keeping it until you’re too old to enjoy it. For those into living their best life, here’s the second installment of ways to blow that annual tax windfall. Find last year’s list here.


1. They See You Rollin. They Hatin. — On his 5th birthday, Jimmy McDonald got a Power Wheels. All you got was a creepy Speak and Spell. Relive a better version of your childhood with this fully functioning mini Jeep from J&B Trading for $2,300. It has working turn signals, headlights, and can go up to 30 mph.

2. Contour like a Kardashian — For the low price of $41,975, the gals at Retro will do your hair and makeup every day for a year, guaranteeing you’ll look a little less Jersey Shore and a lot more Kim and Kylie.

3. Throw a House Party — For $5,000 a night you and 11 friends can take a chill stay-cation in this Southern Pines estate with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. Amenities include a pool and indoor fireplace. Not included — air conditioning (??), shampoo, or 11 people you can convince to be your friends.

4. Be Fancy on the Regular — If you own property in Moore County and have an extra $45,000 lying around (plus a monthly fee of $502), you can buy a Pinehurst No. 7/9 Membership. Bonus: You’ll be able to get a discount on those totally normal pine needle massages.

5. Get Your Drink On — Splurge on something a little more top-shelf than Tangtini, and get your friends at Reverie Cocktails to make you a Baller Manhattan in Reverie for $10,145.55. It includes .25oz of Grand Marnier Quintessence, aged between 25 and 135 years, which is precisely how old the bowl of pretzels is at your favorite dive bar.

6. Get Something for Your Mantle — For $625 Jordan Baker will paint a 24X24 portrait of your favorite fur baby. But wait, what if you have two pets — how do you choose between Margret Quacker and Meghan Bark-le? Mention The Sway, and Jordan will paint them both for $500. That’s a swayvings of $125. You’re welcome.

:: Serious Note: Putting your tax return into savings is the smart, responsible thing to do. Find out more about how to use your money responsibly in our upcoming SwaySkills class.

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