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Are you keeping up? Run in Our Tribe (RIOT) is now formally known as Pace Yourself Run Co. Southern Pines a sister store of PYRC Holly Springs. By partnering, the store is able to bring in more shoe lines, clothing, products and more. 

Michaela Harr and Derek Elliot – Store Managers

“We really try to listen to our community and what it wants,” says Michaela Harr, one of the store managers. “We are not just a run store, we are a run hub. It’s important to us to not just be a business but an asset to our community.”

The store facilitates a run crew Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays. Anyone is welcome to join on runs and afterwards they typically get a beer from a local brewery. 

“When running, you want to pace yourself and it’s more fun to run with friends. The same goes for drinking,” says Michaela, while explaining where the name comes from. 

Going on a Beer Run

In addition to the partnership, the physical location in Southern Pines will also be getting a total revamp. Plans include putting in a bar, similar to the Holly Springs location, so runners can have a one stop shop for all their running needs, and then a cold one afterwards to get them feeling runderful. 

Pace Yourself Run Co. Holly Springs

“It’s refreshing to sip on an IPA after a 6 mile run,” says Michaela. 

PYRC plans to have beer on tap from various NC breweries and they plan to serve throughout the day, not just during run club meetups. “We’re excited to be able to bring people together within the store when we have our meetups,” says Michaela. 

PYRC Southern Pines doesn’t have an official timeline yet for when everything will be finished but is aiming to be finished by the end of the year. Until then, join the run club.

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