Bridget and Walt Whitaker never dreamed that the home they’d fight for would be the one that made them cringe when they walked by while trick-or-treating two years ago.

But this past October, they were offering jello shots from that very same front porch, styled after a farmhouse that Joanna Gaines would be proud of.

Here’s How it All Came Together.

The home was originally purchased by a father in Texas, for his daughter who was living here. But the home became too much for her, and was soon left neglected, overgrown and falling apart.

Neighbors grew concerned that the home was bringing down the their property values, and banded together on a community Facebook page to discuss what should be done. Enter Druther Home Buyers, who snatched up the house for 97k and began a renovation.

The neighbors were so excited, they added them to the community Facebook page. There, the Druthers posted updates on the reno, even soliciting opinions on paint colors. When one resident saw glimpses of the new interior, she knew it would be perfect for Bridget — and let the builders know.

A kitchen before-and-after courtesy of Druthers Home Buyers

As soon as the home went on sale, Bridget got a text from her realtor — and fell in love even before she walked through the living room. The listing had been up for 12 hours when she and Walt put in a full-price offer. The next day, Walt set off on a deployment, and an open house led to four more offers on the table.

The dining room before, during and now: Druthers Home Buyers // The Sway

Knowing that she didn’t have anything else financially to give, Bridget took a chance and poured herself into a letter to the seller, which appears exactly as it was sent below:

Twenty-four hours later, Bridget was crying on her rental home’s living room floor — having just heard the news that her offer was accepted.

Nevermind that hurricane Matthew swooped in during the closing period, delaying things further; or that two weeks after moving in, a town water pipe burst, nearly floating the Whitaker’s new flower beds out of the yard.

When Bridget looks at her home now, she loves every square inch of it — but what makes her most proud is the feeling that her community is willing to build her and her husband up.

Photo Credit: Druthers Home Buyers // The Sway

They were nice enough to let us peek in the bedrooms and more. Trust us, there’s no shortage of photo ops in any part of this house.

Only a few shelves and blinds have been added. The couple loves the home so much, they refuse to hang anything extra on the walls — except for a handcrafted American Flag.

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