Six Gas Station Chicken Restaurants Worth Trying

OK, so you can’t spare the gas to wait in line for fast food, but you can get fast food while you wait to fill up. Before you rule out lunch at a place that also sells Lucky 7s and Marlboro Reds, hear us out.

We visited six local stations to sample their chicken and ranked it below based on crispiness, heat lamp factor (AKA how long it’s been sitting out) and sauce options. Below, the results: 

The Shell Station and Alco Discount Store in Aberdeen (10870 NC-211)

The chicken fell off the bone but we still give it a 3 out of 5 for crispiness. But those green beans? Bussin’. Yeah, we said what we said. 

Nic’s Pic Kwik in Pinebluff (150 N Walnut St.)

If you like it salty like your personality (us AF), the $5.99 2-piece snack is for you. The crisp factor was on point and if it had been sitting out all day, we couldn’t tell.

Jay’s Food Mart #2 in Aberdeen (10827 NC-211)

Alright, we feel a little deceived. We went with the 2-piece snack box. The thigh? Crispy, juicy, flavorful — the whole nine. The wing? It was dry enough that we’d ask who brought it to the cookout. 

Short Stop Food Mart in DTSP (105 E. Connecticut)

We switched it up with a chicken sandwich and wings. The sandwich resembled the chicken sandwiches from the school cafeteria, but tasted better. The wings? The sauce was solid. Have we had better? Yes, but again, not too shabby. 

Seven Lakes Friendly Food Mart (4219 NC-211, West End)

If you’re looking to drown your lunch in buffalo sauce, look somewhere else. If you’re just looking for some tender and crispy thicc thighs, this is your spot. P.S. Get there early for lunch because it goes fast. 

Jay’s Food Mart #1 in Southern Pines (200 W. Morganton Rd)

Unlike our picks at Jay’s #2, both pieces were more consistent. They were crispy, but could be a liiiittle more crispy TBH. We’ll give it 3.5 stars. Three for the food and a .5 bonus for the friendly guy working the register.

Tried any station chicken you’re just dying to tell us about? Drop us a line at hello@itsthesway.com and we’ll check it out.

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