You’ve bought a home, made some upgrades, and now it’s time for that investment property to start working for you. But what do you know about being a property manager? That’s what we thought. Below, even more reasons why you should hire a pro:

1. You Want to Make Sure You’re Making Money.

Do you want the last creep you met from a Craigslist rental ad living in your home? Yeah, no. Imagine how much time it will take to place ads, set up showings, check references and screen for criminal records. Now imagine having a full-time property manager do all that for you. The team at Village of Pinehurst Rentals has been doing this for 36 years. They’ve seen it all, and know what to look for — so you can make sure you get a good tenant and start making money, faster.

2. Buuut, You Don’t Want to Collect.

Do you love sending reminders of late payments and in return, getting a story about a third cousin who’s down on his luck and needed some cash? Do you love getting paid in personal checks dated 12 days from now? Congrats: Being a landlord may be for you. For the rest of us, there’s Debbie Putz, who will enforce your contract and deposit the rent she collects directly into your account.

3. You Don’t Love Your Phone Ringing at 3 a.m.

It’s the middle of the night. Your tenant failed to leave the faucet dripping during a hard freeze, and a pipe burst. Who are they going to call? If you don’t have Village of Pinehurst Rentals in your corner, the person they will call is you. With a 24-7 service line and professionals at the ready, Village of Pinehurst Rentals is ready to handle everything.

4. You Don’t Want to Be an Employer.

Think of all the maintenance you do on your home — from cleaning the gutters and power-washing the driveway, to trimming low-hanging limbs and cutting the grass. Who is going to do all that now? Your best bet is to hire a pro, but that comes with a host of other legal requirements. A property management company has its own crew that will keep your home in tip-top shape.

5. You Care About Your Clients.

Are you a realtor with a client who needs to move fast, but still can’t find the perfect home? Village of Pinehurst Rentals‘ Debbie Putz is a licensed real estate agent, so she knows the drill. She will hook your client up with a rental property, which keeps your client happy. No need to worry, that client will always remain yours. They are just “on loan” until their permanent home is available. It’s a win-win for everyone.

6. You Want Someone to Keep Your Home Safe.

Unlike other real estate agents, this property manager won’t put your home on an MLS listing for the world to see. Rather than just putting a lockbox on a door, Debbie insists on doing a walkthrough with every client who wants to see your property. Why? Because she wants to make sure your home remains safe, secure, and ready for its next tenant — so you can make money.

Owning an investment property is fun — being a landlord is not. Hire a full-time property manager to do the hard work for you.

This post was produced in partnership with Village of Pinehurst Rentals, LLC. Want to learn more? Visit the website.

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