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Sure, a little TLC to ease 2020’s collateral damage to your forehead sounds great. But you have questions. And concerns. And fears. And the thought of a needle coming anywhere close to your precious, precious skin makes you want to cut some eye and mouth holes in a paper bag and call your new style “hermit-chic.”

First of all: chill. Secondly: Listen to what Fanatical Skin & Ink’s Nicole Johnson has to say about injectables, facials and everything in between to put your mind (and that developing forehead wrinkle) at ease.

First, here’s what services Fanatical Skin & Ink offers:

:: Ink Artistry: Eyebrow microblading and shadowing, permanent makeup like lip liner, full lip color, eyeliner and eyelash enhancement and more.

:: Spa Aesthetics: Facials (anywhere from basic to SkinPen microneedling and anti-aging), brow and lash fixes (lash lift and brow lamentation).

:: Medspa Results: These non-surgical procedures can tackle hair removal, acne removal and premature aging skin damage and wrinkles.

And now, for the answers to questions on skin, injectables and facials:

Answers provided by Nicole Johnson, licensed medical esthetician and Tia Hodge, aesthetics injector.

:: How long do skin tightening treatments last and how many treatments do I need?

“It is required to have a consultation visit first. Results last depending on your age, skin damage.  The average number of treatments required can range from three to six.”

:: How long do neurotoxins “tox” typically last?

“About 3 to 4 months.”

:: Do they hurt?

“It’s mild in the pain threshold. We use numbing topicals that help alleviate any discomfort.”

:: How do you choose what facial to book?

“I like to do facial consultations with new guests. When you book a free consultation, we’ll evaluate your skin and discuss what you need.”

:: How do you financially plan for aesthetic services.

“Everything is planned throughout the calendar year, so you would come for routine visits, just like you would for the dentist. Everything is practical and well-managed based on where you are and what your budget is.”

To learn more about what Fanatical Skin & Ink has to offer, visit their website or call 910-725-0555 to book your consultation.

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