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We’ve been keeping mental notes on all the gainz during Nutrishop Southern Pines’ Third Annual Guns and Hoses Challenge — and it’s enough to make us want to get a pulse on our lack of muscle tone. After all, we couldn’t have been the only ones day-drinking all summer. Right? Right.

So, we thought you should know that for zero dollars and zero cents, you can head over to Nutrishop Southern Pines to experience the InBody 570 machine that goes beyond the scale and gives you a breakdown of your body’s muscle mass, fat mass and body water.

In 15-120 seconds, you’ll get a full page breakdown that a staff member can help you review and give insight towards your goals. And, these goals can surprise you. Imagine the joy of being told you actually need to eat more to achieve weight loss. Mind. Blown.

Oh, and fun fact: The machine remembers you by your phone number, so you can easily tack your body ch-ch-changing.

Now, it’s time to get to werk. Tell ’em The Sway sent you.

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