The Southern Pines Chapel, on New Hampshire Ave. in Southern Pines, saw its first wedding on Dec. 30.

“Barbara and Alex are active duty Army Officers who have called the Sandhills home for the last few years, so when they got engaged, they knew exactly where they wanted to get married,” writes Kate Rowe, of Wedding Day Rescue.


Photo courtesy of Tim Sayer

Back in June, the former First Church of Christ, Scientist on East New Hampshire Avenue was bought by a local family who wanted to make sure it remained a religious facility. It was renamed Southern Pines Chapel, and reimagined as a place for ceremonies like weddings and celebrations of life.

“The intimate setting of Southern Pines Chapel would fit their style perfectly and they could not have been happier to celebrate their love with their family and closest friends at the first wedding at Southern Pines Chapel,” Rowe continued. Music during the service was provided by Danny Infantino.

Photo courtesy of Tim Sayer

The church is owned by Kathy Virtue, who is president of a sports-marketing firm and also helps run a Christian foundation that works to build churches, schools and clinics in Kenya. It’s the first time her foundation has used funds to purchase a church in the U.S.

“These are the kind of buildings we want to save; this is what makes Southern Pines,” she said at the time. “I felt in my sprit that we needed to save this old church, so I bought it with no plan.”

Call 910-692-6002 for information on bookings. And if you’re looking for members of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, they now hold services at the Southern Pines Civic Club.

The article on the sale of the church appeared in the Thursday, June 28 issue of The Sway. Read the whole issue by clicking here.

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