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Southern Pines Brewing Co. is planning yet another expansion with a taproom in downtown Fayetteville. It would be located in the current home of an antique store near Segra Baseball Stadium, where you can already find the brewery’s Woodpecker Wheat and Man of Law.

Photo via the Fayetteville Observer

On Monday night, the Fayetteville City Council approved a special use permit application from owner Micah Niebauer, in which he said the Fayetteville taproom would be much like the one that opened in late 2020 on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Bennett Street in downtown Southern Pines. While the flagship location off Air Tool Drive has expanded in operations and distribution since opening in 2013, Southern Pines Brewing Company on Pennsylvania is the brand’s first standalone taproom.

“The downtown taproom has been such a positive thing for us,” he said. ‘It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s been great for me to figure out how to run a business that’s detached from the physical production. Time will tell over the next few months, but hopefully this will be the first step to doing more in other markets.”

Ok, So Why Fayetteville First?

“Fayetteville is a phenomenal market for us,” Micah says. “We sell a ton of beer there already. It’s such a good fit — we don’t have to explain who we are or what we do, because it’s an established brand.”

He’s under contract to purchase The Shops at 123 Hay Street, with more than 5,000 square feet of space on the first floor, and an unfinished second story. Micah would love to renovate all of it, turning it into a community gathering spot as well as a way to get the Southern Pines Brewing Co. brand front and center.

“It’s such a neat, old building. I’m really excited to uplift it and restore it to a beautiful spot in downtown Fayetteville.”

Construction could start early next year.

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